Rail Platformer

Episode 88: Seems More Like a Nightmare [NiGHTS into Dreams...]

Dreams are pretty cool, especially flying dreams. Sometimes, though, you get mugged before turning into a flying clown, which can suck. Usually, there'll be a giant lobster or an inflatable villain you have to pop, or sometimes you'll be fighting a giant fish with smaller fish. Dreams are weird... but sometimes a clown is just a clown.

Inserting 20 orbs causes our download to... go slightly faster!

Show Notes

(00:30) Necrotizing fasciitis: like leprosy, but way worse.

(02:00) Abobo is that one boss from Double Dragon.  I feel like I link to that episode way more than any other.  I could probably write a script to find out.

(03:30) John Wick!  Super good might be an overstatement, but it looks pretty decent based on the trailers.

(07:45) "Jigglypuff to death" is my new favorite compound verb.

(11:30) Don't Starve and Monster Meat.

(15:30) For the interested, here's Zach's Kha'Zix build.

(21:00) That mountain game.  Also, a deeper talk about Five Nights at Freddy's... from Zach!  Still seems to be a jump scare simulator, though...  What Does the Fox Say?

(25:50) Golden Freddy!

(26:30) Speaking of Damned...

(28:00) Slenderpasta.  He likes to walk behind people.

(31:00) 8-player Smash with Mewtwo!

(35:30) The crazy story of this game following Elliot and Claris helping the Nightmaren fight the evil Wizeman.

(37:45) It's hard to describe, but when we say this game isn't really 3D, we're trying to say that you have no agency over moving on one of your 3 axes.  You get full control over X and Y, but Z is left as an unexplored teaser.  Also, you get mugged at the beginning of every level.

(45:00) Bosses and telegraphing: how this game failed at it.

Next time on Last Time, Nobunaga's Ambition (the SNES one)!  Rifle's n' calvary!

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