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Episode 175: Fu-Sion-Ha-ha-ha-ha [Impossible Creatures]

In a world where fusion is not just a cheap tactic to make weak animals stronger, some crazy people thought it would be a good idea to invade a geologically confusing island chain and create some of these fusions.  From tiger-scorpions (tigions?) to wolf-mantises (mantolfs!), our 1920s action hero will use a variety of abominations to nature to help discover the mystery of his crazy-scientist-father's past, and maybe his own true nature.

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Show Notes (Notes for the Show!)

(04:10) Gal*Gun Double Peace: Watch at your own peril!  18+

(05:00)  Here’s the Mutant League Football Kickstarter if you’re interested.

(11:00) And here’s the total on the BattleTech and Yooka-Laylee Kickstarters.  Both made an unreasonable amount of money.

(15:30) Escape Rooms!

(20:00) Impossible Creatures!

(24:30) The opening cut scene.  The name is actually Rex Chance.

(26:00) I was going to link the opening to NASCAR Racers, but it’s so terrible I refuse to subject anyone to that pain.

(35:00) Ranking the impossible.

(41:30) Extra Credits on Super Mario Bros 1-1.

Next time on Last Time, both Bubble Bobble and Space Invaders!

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