Run n' Gun

Episode 199: Zach Played the Game More Than Geremy [Metal Slug X]

Never before have we seen this much metal in so few slugs!  Actually, thinking on it, there aren't actually metal slugs in this game; they all seem to be energy pellets of some sort.  At any rate, there are now working graphics, tons of "vehicles", and a number of playable characters.  The same Metal Slug quirkiness, now sequelier and more functional!

The download that breaks the machine-gun-camel's back.

Show Notes

(01:45) An immediate tangent about Savage Dragon 

(03:45) Zach’s playing Disgaea 5

(18:45) Tyler’s been playing the smash-a-like Rivals of Aether

(24:45) Geremy has been playing the dangerously addicting Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

(32:45) The Assignment: Metal Slug X

(40:00) Ranking Slug

Next time on Last Time, Adventure Island!

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Episode 181: Cool Guy Pose [Contra III: The Alien Wars]

When the situation is bad, it's time to get rad!  When you need revenge, you should attack aggressively, which is exactly what not-Jimmy and not-Bimmy intend to do on their testosterone fueled rampage against their alien bureaucrats.  Avoid timed obstacles, fight almost-3D bosses, and generally be a bad enough dude to survive!

Double laser download!

Show Notes (Notes for the show!)

(01:55) Spoilers for Logan if you haven’t seen it and care about those.

(03:00) Tyler is talking about the opening cinematic for DCU Online

(04:00) Tyler’s still playing Tales of Zestiria.  It's a Sorey Storey.

(14:00) Fuel is the game Geremy was trying to think of.

(17:30) Prolific Voice Actor Stephen Blum

(20:30) Apparently the rights to Megas XLR were used in some sort of tax writeoff and a revival isn’t a thing that can happen.

(26:30) Top Down levels!

(32:20) Contra III: The Alien Rankings

Next time on Last Time, Donkey Kong Country 2!

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Episode 172: Nazi Mummies [Metal Slug 2]

Welcome back to Metal Slug, the game about running and/or gunning.  Now with infinity percent more mummies, you can storm your way through a slightly wider variety of baddies in a way that just feels slightly less satisfying than the first time you did it.  Also, slow-mo turkey.

Those slow down(load)s hurt.

Show Notes

(04:30) Tales of Tales.

(11:00) Fallout 4.

(16:00) "Tactics".

(24:00) Talking about the beginning of MS2.

(34:00) Ranking this game.

Next time on Last Time, Advance Wars!

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Episode 129: Metal Slug Solid [Metal Slug]

Join us on the most festive of activities this winter solstice as we storm an enemy base and rescue POWs! "That's not festive" you say? Well, nothing says winter holidays to us like blazing through a jungle. Get ready to tank!

Our download has better guns.

Show Notes

(01:20) Why, Krampus?

(03:00) Mandela Effect.  It's not how physics works, kids.

(04:30) Chimps have good memories and generally outperform humans at abstract logic/pure math games.

(12:00) SKELL!  Just learned that's also slang for a homeless person, so... yeah.  Anywho, Zach talks about Xenoblade.

(24:30) Geremy talks about some of the improvements made in ORAS.

(27:30) Otakon?  Metal Sluuuuuug.  It looks good, there's nice hit feedback, and it's got a good sense of humor.  Double plus fun.

(29:00) Correction about "Ninja Spirits".  No idea what that was.  It should be Samurai Shodown , which rocks.

(38:15) Ranked!

(46:00) Geremy got us Persona 3.  I'm super excited!

Next time on Last Time, Blades of Steel!

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Episode 121: Shoot to Kill! [Super C]

Bill, your country (and planet) needs you! Go kill a bunch of clones with a ridiculously adaptable gun so that you can shoot the aliens threatening out planet! Also, take this other guy with you, I guess? It'll be fun, we swear!

Scattershot downloads!

Show Notes

(01:15) We're not quite Type 1.

(02:30) Gratuitous spoiler editing.  For horror!

(04:00) Smiting is fun.  Too bad Guan Yu isn't there.

(11:00) Ghosts are cool, especially if they're wolves.

(20:20) Super C!  It's fun!  The overhead segments are kinda lame, though.

(35:00) Rank is the best weapon.  This week: Donkey Kong Country, Mystic Quest, and Castlevania: The Adventure.

Next time on Last Time, R-Type!

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Episode 70: You're in the Anime Army Now [Shock Troopers]

Sadly, I think the best possible description of this game comes from Wikipedia's story summary:

The Bloody Scorpions have kidnapped a scientist and his granddaughter Cecilia in order to gain the powerful drug, Alpha-301, which converts normal people into superhuman soldiers. A special team must fight through their ranks in order to get to their leader and save the scientist's granddaughter and the world.

So, grab your guns and shoot only on cardinals and diagonals, because that's how this squad does it, kid!

Our download's special power is unfortunately similar to that other guy's.

(03:20) Steam sale chronicles!

(04:30) Football, apparently.  Distinct from gridiron.

(05:00) Zach talks about Dawn of War.

(14:00) Game Dev Tycoon!  Sadly, CarPG was not released this year.  Also, the morality of the game is a bit naive.

(22:30) Crusader Kings II and Geremy's adventures as Ned Stark.

(28:30) Naruto Adjectives is probably not worth the full price, but it's pretty good.

(30:30) Rogue Legacy.  It's not this generation's Ghosts n' Goblins.

(36:20) The Neo Geo.  It was absurdly expensive for a home console.  Here's this week's game; here are some others that came out before this.  In retrospect, it doesn't look bad for the time.

(42:00) Poor hit feedback for bosses, but pretty good otherwise.  The controls feel weird.  It's pretty mediocre, sadly.  Summary: go play Geometry Wars.

Next time on Last Time, Bomberman '93!

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Episode 61: Cyber Suit Mobilnator [Cybernator]

In a universe where people watch a lot of anime, some mobile suits were constructed. However, they weren't called that, even though they were totally Zaku II models. Then some people wanted to fight... or something. It's a game with giant robot suits in space; what more do you want?!

Our download might overheat!

(01:00) Depot walling.  Imagine what we could build!

(04:30) Pentastation: More Sony than you can shake some sticks at.

(06:20) That site with card games Geremy mentioned.

(08:00) In case you're confused by a "no sell"

(10:10) More card games, anyone?

(12:15) Sadly, Deathbird is not actually on the podcast with us.  That was just Zach.

(15:30) Did someone say... mystery gift?

(18:00) Have you guys played FTL yet?  Do so.

(25:00) Gundam?  Wing!!!...!

(27:30) A la carte channel subscription.

(28:15) Ancient tape magics!

(28:50) Assault Suit Valken, the much better name of this game.

(30:00) Phallic powers, activate!

(33:45) Archaic mechanics, but excellent style.

(37:45) As Zach comments, MechWarrior feels like your heavy moves faster than your suit in this game.  There's just so much wasted potential.

Next time on Last Time, Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse!  Oh, crap...

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Episode 10: You Take the High Road, and I'll Shoot the Lasers [Gunstar Heroes]

It's full of lights and sounds and craziness!  Gunstar Heroes is a crazy anime styled action shooter that probably belongs in an arcade box.  This game has gotten a lot of praise for being a forgotten gem for the Genesis.  Is it really worth its weight in cartridges?  (That's one cartridge)

Download for Justice!

(00:30) Alex is here.  Yay!

(1:50) What we've been playing.  Alex watched what Tyler played.  Geremy played the same stuff.  Notice a pattern?  Later we find that he's actually been playing everything ever.

(3:10) Ducktales!  Woo-oo!

(4:50) Naruto: The Subtitles Continue

(6:30) We finally get to the game and break down what's going on here.  We start with the powerup system!

(8:10) Alex explains the excuse plot

(10:20) Life leeching

(12:20) My eyes!  This game has crazy amounts on the screen at a time.

(14:00) Level rundown time

(17:20) Have we mentioned that the optimal strategy is homing laser?  I CONTROL GRAVITY!

(18:45) Curry and Rice

(21:20) Transformers, more annoying than meets the eye

(22:55) Gradius!  Again.  Wait...

(27:00) Style against Depth

(31:15) Nostalgia lens, watching games, and difficulty cliffs for non-gamers.

(38:30) Wrapping up on our thoughts about Gunstar

(41:10) After the credits.  You guys know there's an after the credits?  This one's awesome.

Next week, we tackle Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.  We have a different guest host, and talk about strategies!

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