Running With Scissors

Episode 186: As Exciting As A Post Office [Postal 2]

When everyone around you is a terrible person, sometimes the only option is to respond in kind.  Or patiently wait in line, but that takes forever.  In a game whose tagline was ""Remember, it's only as violent as you are!", it's really only as violent as you are patient.  Seeming to take most of its cues from the, at the time, much more controversial "ban all video games" political scene, this game attempts to poke fun at people whose morals need to be applied to everyone but themselves and...  Well, that's it, really.  Everyone else is collateral.  Have fun!(?)

Downloads are probably more effective silencers than cats.

Show Notes

(03:15) Sm4sh DLC was apparently a bit cheaper than Tyler remembered.

(06:30) The Switch Pro controller looks like a 360 controller with a better D-pad, but less ergonomic styling.

(16:45) Because at least one of us keeps forgetting, Cross Ange is the show about scantily clad women fighting dragons with mechs, and the cast makes an appearance in Super Robot Wars V.

(25:00) PERSONA!  Is having a ranged weapon better than an Evoker?

(41:30) Brief gender politics and BOTW.  Since we mention it, Aaron Diaz (most recently of Dresden Codak), sketched up a nifty Zelda idea where the eponymous princess is a techno-mage a few years back.

(51:30) Getting around to Postal.

(1:02:00) Rankings!  Hint: it's bad.

Next time on Last Time, Mario Party 2!

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