Sega Genesis

Episode 215: Ecco 2: The Tides of Time

Evolution is a beautiful thing, but the things it produces are not always beautiful. Finally, we get a game that answers the age old question": “Why are bugs?” Also, sweet jelly-dolphins? Travel through time on an epic quest to un-BttF yourself as Ecco (who gets to meet his own kids) and defeat the Vortex (who are their own kids?) once and for all!

Episode 219 M.U.S.H.A.


As with many a story, this one begins in space, with Space Japan being Space Attacked by some sort of giant Space Monster. In this particular case, it's Space Skynet. Of course, the only reasonable response to this threat is to make a giant humanoid robot that basically never actually walks (and instead flies?!) to attack Space Skynet's rampaging armies. At least you have some sweet tunes and majestic views to aid you in your journey!

Episode 214: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle


Nobody knows the ins and outs of enchantment quite like Alex Kidd.  I believe this to be the case, anyway, since he's obviously cursed.  Join us as the haphazard hero fumbles through what will hopefully be the last installment of his series that we look at.  Venture forth into the land of inexplicably animated car-monsters and bizarrely lackluster level design; together we'll tackle the real question in the Alex Kidd universe: why did so many of these get made?

Episode 195: The Least Dangerous Game [Landstalker]

Some treasure hunters are legendary.  Some steal phoenix feathers to try to resurrect their long-dead girlfriends.  Others think that all artifacts belong in museums.  Some... use all their money to pursue a vague hint of some nebulously defined treasure.  And hop awkwardly to get there.  Summon an eagle (components: 5000 gold pieces) and fly to adventure!  Or mostly just falling down holes a lot and trying to get over that danged pit.

All downloads make the same noise when you hit them.

Show Notes

(04:35) Layton Mystery Journal! Now on IOS and 3DS!

(05:45) The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

(10:25) Shock and Surprise, Zach’s playing League Of Legends

(12:45) More Stories of Players Unknown Battlegrounds

(22:15) Persona 5! Major Spoilers. Like, the entire ending of the game.

(25:30) Persona 5: Clearly The Greatest Valentine's Day Option. Mild Spoilers

(29:45) The article Tyler cited saying running like Naruto makes you run faster appears to be farcical. Other great articles on the site include: That one website that streamed One Punch Man is shutting down.

(33:45) The assignment Land… wait more Persona 5 spoilers.

(37:00) For real, the assignment, Landstalker

(46:45) Ranking the Land

Next time on Last Time, Final Fantasy II!

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Episode 168: @#^! Off, Flipper [Ecco The Dolphin]

The dolphin: sleek, majestic, and one of the most popular animals in the mid-90s.  It's hard to think of another animal that rivaled the popularity of our aquatic mammalian friends, and that's probably the reason this game exists.  Also, extraterrestrials, because why not?  Too bad all these keys make a door.

Echolocate right over to our download.

Show Notes

(02:30) Yeah, the Genesis sure was a system, guys.

(05:30) Everyone's favorite Mega Sauyan, Gurko.

(07:10) Drifters actually looks pretty sweet, but it's obviously the same animation team as Hellsing.

(11:00) Really quickly, this is the opening we got.  The travesty!

(14:20) Yay mechs.

(17:00) Not the game we thought it was, but there are a lot of adorable rabbit people.

(19:00) There have apparently been a couple ShinTen anime.

(21:30) Talking about some things we want to see in Sun/Moon (they largely came true!).

(23:00) A better dolphin world.

(25:00) Dr. Stranger.  Also, more ridiculous doctoring.

(28:00) So, dolphin time.  This game has a really weird plot.

(41:00) Here's a speedrun.  It's more amusing than the game was intended to be.

(44:00) Pay attention to the games used as arguments for the Genesis.

(45:30) Turns out dolphins don't survive at great depths, which is where this one fell.

Next time on Last Time, Donkey Kong!  The other one.

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Episode 160: As You Know, You're Listening To Episode 160 of LTOVG [Phantasy Star II]

As you know, this game is about being in a world where some monsters are running around.  Because you've played this before, it should be no surprise that you and your catgirlfriend need to go stop that nonsense.  I, the podcast summary writer, am directing you to listen to this.

A download slightly more useful than a catgirlfriend.

Show Notes

(04:20) And then the Zulu nation attacked.

(11:00) Basically our weekend.

(15:00) Well, excuuuse me, princess!  You don't know what you're minishing.

(17:00) Stranger Things has such good music, guys.

(18:30) Scythe seems super cool.

(22:00) JRPG music.  Some's better than others.

(24:00) Phantasy Star II has easily the worst example of As You Know I've ever seen.  At least Nei is cool?  Also some lameass attempt at villain justification.

(30:00) Ugh, the combat.  TPKs are super problematic due to the fact that multiple rounds will pass.

(41:00) On the list, I suppose.

Next time on Last Time, Lords of the Realm II!

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Episode 127: Gudo Gamu- GO! [Gley Lancer]

We're back from a long hiatus to save our collective father with a prototype spaceship!  Despite having no pilot's training, we're sure we're up to the task, especially with all these options... for shooting things!  Hopefully none of us become too distracted with the scenery on the way.  Onward, Red Tridenter!

Scatter Download!

Show Notes

(02:00) Last Time on Sitcoms.

(07:00) Cloudbuilt!  It's super fun and crazy hard to get high ranks on a lot of missions.  No mistakes!

(08:30) Poor Raticate.  Still haven't finished Undertale, so here's this.

(15:30) Zach played Overwatch, which sounds great.

(16:15) COD: BlOps3: Revenge of the Mannequins.

(23:00) Zach's initial thoughts about Splatoon.  Turf can have the WORST matchmaking.

(27:10) Zach, Kevin (who has yet to be on an episode), and Tyler played some 7 Days to Die.  And by play, we mean experienced some of the best server problems ever.

(30:00) Geremy's making some Gundams.

(34:00) More MGS V.  There have been some complaints of tonal dissonance.

(38:30) Gley Lancer, GO!  It looks pretty great.

(39:45) Separating the background from the foreground is a problem on some levels, most prominently the first.  Choosing your control scheme is mostly just novelty; you'll find your favorite (Search) and just always use it.

(47:00) Ranking!

Next time on Last Time, KOTOR!

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Episode 126: They Don't Make Axes Like They Used To [Golden Axe]

An arcade classic and early port for the Genesis, Golden Axe is considered one of the best games on the system. Hack, slash, toss potions of ultimate(-ish) power, and ride some cool lizards! Also, you can play as the sexy... dwarf! Man, that beard. Cross the hazardous landscapes of giant animals' backs with us!

You need 4 potions to use the full download.

Show Notes

(03:30) Alex shares her thoughts on New Leaf.  Kapp'n's great!  Too bad you are forced to rule these rubes.

(13:30) We did GO Bank!  Finally!

(14:30) People really whined about Crimefest this year, but a surprising number of people enjoyed it.

(18:30) Silly translations.

(22:00) Geremy talking about MGS V online.

(25:30) Deadlock.  Hint: we don't think the Genesis wins.

(26:40) Diving into Golden Axe.  We start with potions.

(28:00) Standard beat 'em up problems: enemy hitboxes are wonky (both hitting you and being hit), mobility is limited, gameplay is colorful but mechanically shallow.

(35:00) Running the ladder.

Next time on Last Time, Gley Lancer!

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Episode 124: Rister, Reister, Scheister, Meister? *shrug* [Ristar]

If Sonic's Sega's answer to Mario, then clearly Ristar is their answer to Kirby. Obviously, because they both involve stars. Give your arms a good stretch as we go traversing across a star system to combat... some evil. Also, some spinny pod things that aren't really a threat, but are apparently minions. Shake it out!

The download's ju~ust out of reach.

Show Notes

(01:00) I propose the Doctor is psychic type.

(06:30) Zach talks about Hyperdimension Neptunia: Re birth 1.

(08:30) Geremy's take on MGS V makes it sound fun.

(23:00) Now you, too, can be in on Tyler's joke.

(23:20) Poor Ristar...

(24:00) Why, Knuckles?!

(24:30) Ristar has cool climbing mechanics!  Too bad that's it.  Boring enemies, awkward hitboxes, confusing boss fights, and stale mechanics make this one pretty forgettable.  So much so, all of us forgot what game we were supposed to play!

(41:00) Slotting this into our list.

Next time on Last Time,  Super Castlevania 4!

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Episode 114: Escargot Around Every Corner [Alien Storm]

Fight some ugly nosed noble-tier aliens with us this week by... pistol whipping them!  No need to waste ammo, kids.  You'd really think a game with a Tesla Cannon would be cooler.  Because EVO, we talk hit a bunch of fighting games before hitting those aliens, and we wander around mechs for a bit.  In the end, we finally upset our ranking list a fair bit.

Like a bolt of alien lightning, our download shocks straight to the hard drive.

Show Notes

(03:00) Zero's last match at EVO this year.

(05:45) Woshige FTL.

(08:15) They Bleed Pixels!  If you like really hard platformers, this is one for you.  Also, eldritch horrors are adorable.

(12:00) Luffy can't be a thief; he's too busy punching things.

(17:15) Geremy's reactions to Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes.

(24:55) Some sort of aliens.  It's like 3 mediocre games got smashed together!  Arguable the best portion is a side scrolling shooter, which you only get to do once as far as we could tell.

(33:40) Starting the rankings this week with Fire Emblem, followed by Xanac.  Bringing up the rear (but also really not) is Chrono Trigger!

Next time on Last Time, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Master System!

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Episode 76: "Tactics" [Gain Ground]

Some tactical training robots whose purpose is to get people to fight and reinvigorate their fighting spirit... or something... just want to watch the world burn.  Thankfully, vikings are awesome!  Also, there are a lot of fireballs, and that's always cool.

You must escort our download to the exit.

Show Notes

(01:45) Tyler's final thoughts upon beating Mega Man 3.

(05:15) Flay's pretty much.  Nothing can stop his drill!

(06:00) Don't play Mana Khemia 2.  Ulrika is soooo annoying.  Pepperoni's awesome, though.

(09:30) Payday 2 tales and the horrors of carrying bags.  While fun, the game suffers from a lack of things to do if your heist is going well silently.  Maybe some mini-game things to move things along?

(15:40) Geremy's latest Fire Emblem run.

(20:00) JesuOtaku's got some pretty good reviews on Attack on Titan.

(21:00) Minecraft adventures!

(25:00) Gain Ground is a giant evil computer controller robots and people need to fight the computer.

(29:20) It's like Broforce, but from the 80s!

Next time on Last Time, Solomon's Key!

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Episode 57: The Raaage of the Streets! [Streets of Rage]

Like all good government employees in videogame worlds, when the streets are nothing but death and crime, they quit their day jobs and take vigilante justice to the streets.  Unfortunately, they left their weapons at home, even though the backup is apparently authorized to use napalm bazookas.  Let's fight it out!

You only get one download per life.  Thankfully, you usually respawn once a day.

(00:45) We may have collectively been watching a lot of anime recently.

(06:00) Because we don't have enough cheesecake.

(07:30) The origins of Thor!

(11:00) Arguments: invalidated.

(12:30) All the things!

(17:50) Speaking of multiplayer only games.

(21:30) Batman's musical endeavors.

(23:30) While trying to find news about actual AoT games, I found this.  It's good.  Play it.

(25:30) Game design: make every 10 seconds enjoyable.

(26:00) Geremy laments ACIV

(29:00) Try typing zerg rush into Google.

(33:30) As it happens, Streets of Rage is a brawler.  You can move in a vaguely 3D plane, hit people, throw people, and be hit by people.  Also, TARDIS turkey!

(40:00) The biggest brawler sin: lack of character advancement.

Next time on Last Time, Vigilante 8!

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Episode 49: Gotta Go Fast- You're Too Slow, Bro [Sonic 2]

Remember how we were complaining about how Sonic seems to contradict its nature?  Well, sequels exist for a reason.  More running, more Tails, more Nintendont!

As long as you have one download, you can't lose a life!

Next time on Last Time, it's a special episode!  Not only have we reached 50, we also have a special guest.  One might call it an Edpisode.  Also, Prince of Persia!

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Episode 47: Groovy Earthworm Hell [Earthworm Jim]

Running, jumping, dodging stuff; it's all part of a standard platformer.  What makes this one different is incredibly detailed backgrounds and... mostly that.  How would a worm even know how to fire a gun?  Does it matter?  No?  Groovy!

Don't waste all your bullets before getting to the download!

(00:45) As of the time of writing, Geremy is destroying our leagues.  Except for one guy in one league who didn't even show up to draft.

(03:00) Hearthstone: apparently still nifty, and now in open beta.

(06:30) Bravest warriors is pretty cool, and Jhonen Vasquez apparently wrote an episode.

(08:30) We talk about Skyrim for a bit.  Surprise.

(14:00) Heatmor eats Durant.  Clearly.

(14:30) Tyler gushes about Ed's buildings in our Minecraft server:!

(16:20) Starwhals: on the Wii U!

(20:00) 24-hour house!

(21:00) We discuss distinct/impressive style in games.

(26:00) Earthworms!  We rant a bit about the somewhat confusing hitboxes.

(29:30) Mechanics.

(31:45) Theming in this game is... lacking.

(36:45) What the heck?!

Next time on Last Time, Super Mario Bros. 3!

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Episode 36: Guys Who Turn Into Guys Without Shirts [Altered Beast]

This week we look at possibly one of the sweetest games ever!  If it were an anime, that is.  Turn into a werewolf, dragon, and a golden werewolf as you fight an evil dude to save Athena!  Because Athena would totally need saving!

Watch out!  It's changing into a... download?!
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Episode 17: At Least the Art is Pretty [Comix Zone]

If you were a kid in the 90s, you probably wanted to be sucked into your favorite videogame or comic book and be the hero.  You could fight off the ravening hordes, have fun with your favorite characters, and generally be awesome.  Sounds fantastic, right?  Well, they made a game of that.  Unfortunately, I think we've learned that such daydreams are usually best left in the mind of the creator.

Get sucked into our crazy Download world!

(03:10) We talk about sweet games we've been playing.  Sweet!  You can check out the Bronze League Heroes channel and see some SC2 shenanigans.  Chameleons are weak to boomerangs.

(10:30) Tyler's hardcore Minecraft server.  Not really worth mentioning, but as of this episode dropping, it's already gone due to stealth zombies.  Also, I recommend Terranigma.

(12:00) The problems with brawlers.

(14:20) Watch this until about the 16s mark.  Pretty much the entirety of Zach's Deadpool strategy.  Also, CVS2.

(20:20) Comix Zone!  It... has multiple endings?  I feel like we've shot the Liefeld target a couple times, but here's a reminder.

(28:00) Inconsistent themes are inconsistent.  Also, I like wasting your time, and so does this gameLuke Skywalker is a good example of many tropes.  Aerith and Bob!

(35:00) End bosses and disappointment.

(42:00) Why Viewtiful Joe is way better than Comix Zone.

Next week, it's F-Zero.  You can get it on the Wii things and race your Falcon heart out!

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Episode 10: You Take the High Road, and I'll Shoot the Lasers [Gunstar Heroes]

It's full of lights and sounds and craziness!  Gunstar Heroes is a crazy anime styled action shooter that probably belongs in an arcade box.  This game has gotten a lot of praise for being a forgotten gem for the Genesis.  Is it really worth its weight in cartridges?  (That's one cartridge)

Download for Justice!

(00:30) Alex is here.  Yay!

(1:50) What we've been playing.  Alex watched what Tyler played.  Geremy played the same stuff.  Notice a pattern?  Later we find that he's actually been playing everything ever.

(3:10) Ducktales!  Woo-oo!

(4:50) Naruto: The Subtitles Continue

(6:30) We finally get to the game and break down what's going on here.  We start with the powerup system!

(8:10) Alex explains the excuse plot

(10:20) Life leeching

(12:20) My eyes!  This game has crazy amounts on the screen at a time.

(14:00) Level rundown time

(17:20) Have we mentioned that the optimal strategy is homing laser?  I CONTROL GRAVITY!

(18:45) Curry and Rice

(21:20) Transformers, more annoying than meets the eye

(22:55) Gradius!  Again.  Wait...

(27:00) Style against Depth

(31:15) Nostalgia lens, watching games, and difficulty cliffs for non-gamers.

(38:30) Wrapping up on our thoughts about Gunstar

(41:10) After the credits.  You guys know there's an after the credits?  This one's awesome.

Next week, we tackle Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.  We have a different guest host, and talk about strategies!

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Episode 2: Sonic The Hedgehog [Sonic The Hedgehog]

It's that time again, for the first, and the (not) last time!  It's podcast time!  This episode is ostensibly about Sonic the Hedgehog (see title).  We spend a while talking about game genres, crowdfunding, and other fun things near the end, which is totally related!

The downloads and show notes, as will become normal form, are below.


(1:15) We get right to it.  Sonic the Hedgehog is not a good game.

(1:55) The effects of acceleration on Sonic.

(2:40) To maintain cred with the Sonic fans we espouse the awesomeness of Sonic Adventure 2.

(6:15) Continues, the level skip code, and their effect on the game.

(8:10) The Sonic bait and switch after Zone 2.

(15:00) Old Sega Commercials.

(15:40) Final thoughts on Sonic.

(18:30) Project Green Light and Crowdfunding.

(20:00) Steam

(21:56) We talk about Japanese culture like only two guys who get most of their knowledge about Japanese culture from anime and videogames can.  Also why First Person Shooters suck.

(24:40) And Why RPGs are awesome.

(25:57) Video Games are…. Fantasies?

(26:30) What makes a genre?

(27:55) The “Are games art?” thing.  Because we haven’t been sufficiently pretentious the episode.

(30:00) We talk about Doctor Who for a bit.  This episode was about Sonic Screwdrivers or something right?

Next Week, Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo.  We’ll see if we manage to talk about it instead of everything else.,,,
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