Episode 159: I Can't Believe It's Not GBA! [Shantae]

Arabian nights are harder than Arabian days; turns out we all misunderstood that line for a long time.  Join our purple-haired misfit as she travails across... Land Land?  Well, that wouldn't be surprising, given the named by an engineer towns such as Water Town, Bandit Town, and Oasis Town.  Stop a sexy pirate costume from building a steam mecha and... wait...  That sounds awesome.  Can we just do that?

Dancing right into my download.

Show Notes

(06:00) Wonder trading!  Also, it's just Galvantula.  We were trying to hard.

(09:30) Sweet HM slaves!

(12:00) Uranium was banhammered.  Thanks, Nintendo.  Other games just aren't as popular, I guess.

(19:00) Balrogs!

(21:20) Sadly, the only clip of the sweet ship cannon I could find.

(25:00) Attack with all the subtlety of a preteen lyricist.

(29:00) A large pile of discussion about Shantae's design choices.

(30:00) A discussion about the oddly sexy art.

(32:00) Unrest sounds pretty cool.

(36:00) Sweet moves, bro.

(44:00) Only a half-ranking has weird powers like that.

Next time on Last Time, Phantasy Star II!

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