Sonic the Hedgehog

Episode 142: 88 Miles Per Hour [Sonic CD]

If you thought a DeLorean was an inelegant vehicle to house a time travel device, consider a pair of bright red buckle shoes.  That said, the general fashion faux pas can easily generate 1 point 21 jiggawatts of embarrassment energy, so perhaps it's actually more efficient than plutonium.  Join us on an epoch spanning adventure to stop Robotnik from... doing evil things?  Mecha Sonic's here, so at least that's neat.  Also, Amy... I guess?!

Figure 8 into a rare triple download.

Show Notes

(01:00) The laser disc being referred to was in an episode of Bebop, but apparently that show is old enough that it came out in that format.

(01:15) Not that the content is particularly interesting, but I would like the listeners to be in awe of how many changes Alpha 14 of 7DTD had.

(09:00) Speaking of non-lethal options.  Also, cheeps!  Cheeps?

(20:00) Hartler.

(33:00) You can skip Batman v. Superman if you were even considering it.

(37:00) Vampires vs. Zombies is the movie whose title we were trying to remember.

(41:00) Apparently Tien's third eye lets him see ghosts.

(45:00) Being unable to unring a bell makes a lot more sense in the context of a deleted scene.

(49:30) A bit of console history if you're interested.

(50:00) Time travel is cool, right?

(57:30) Cool bosses, bro!

(1:03:00) Back to the days of future past!

Next time on Last Time, Zoombinis!

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Episode 115: Double Sonic, No Ice Cream [Sonic 1 and 2 Master System]

Probably the worst entry to the Sonic franchise thus far is our topic this week, along with its much better "sequel".  Join us on a 90s-tastic adventure as we attempt to discern whether the Master System could actually host Sonic games.  Also, some other stuff.  Tagline drop!

Tails pirated our download.

Show Notes

(01:00) Showing that we're definitely kids of the 90s by namedropping all the shows.  So many, in fact, that I have to write a second sentence about it.

(04:00) Clearly blue is greater than gold.  Speaking of which, much death, such battle.  Wow.

(21:30) Tibia!  It's (was) a game!

(30:30) Foreshadowing...

(33:00) Sonic time!  The first one is a poor port of the first game!

(35:00) Sonic 2 is actually not terrible!

(43:00) Gotta go rankings!  Crazy Taxi is crazy.  Snoozing away is Kirby's Dreamland.  Mortal Kombat finishes things off.

Next time on Last Time, Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back!

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Episode 85: Faster, Faster, C'mon, Faster! [Sonic Chaos]

Gotta go fast! Like, 800 km/h! That's pretty fast, kids! Apparently, our blue erinaceomorph friend is back again with springy tiles and rocket boards to go at least that fast. Somehow, Tails can keep up with him, which is pretty impressive. Go collect those emeralds or Eggman will get the last laugh (while cursing the fact that he has to get all those raw materials for building more robots again).

Our download clocks in at Mach 1, which is only 150% the speed Sonic can go in this game.

Show Notes

(01:45) ChaCha is terrible.

(05:45) Apollo Justice is pretty great!  Related: Azran Legacy was fun.

(08:45) *POTENTIAL SPOILERS* Walking Dead time!

(19:00) *END SPOILER TIME GO!*  Now, some GoT.

(22:00) LCS tales!  Also, Various Artists is the most prolific band ever.

(26:00) Superhero TV shows.  Also, comics!

Next Time on Last Time, it's Metroid 2!

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Episode 49: Gotta Go Fast- You're Too Slow, Bro [Sonic 2]

Remember how we were complaining about how Sonic seems to contradict its nature?  Well, sequels exist for a reason.  More running, more Tails, more Nintendont!

As long as you have one download, you can't lose a life!

Next time on Last Time, it's a special episode!  Not only have we reached 50, we also have a special guest.  One might call it an Edpisode.  Also, Prince of Persia!

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Episode 2: Sonic The Hedgehog [Sonic The Hedgehog]

It's that time again, for the first, and the (not) last time!  It's podcast time!  This episode is ostensibly about Sonic the Hedgehog (see title).  We spend a while talking about game genres, crowdfunding, and other fun things near the end, which is totally related!

The downloads and show notes, as will become normal form, are below.


(1:15) We get right to it.  Sonic the Hedgehog is not a good game.

(1:55) The effects of acceleration on Sonic.

(2:40) To maintain cred with the Sonic fans we espouse the awesomeness of Sonic Adventure 2.

(6:15) Continues, the level skip code, and their effect on the game.

(8:10) The Sonic bait and switch after Zone 2.

(15:00) Old Sega Commercials.

(15:40) Final thoughts on Sonic.

(18:30) Project Green Light and Crowdfunding.

(20:00) Steam

(21:56) We talk about Japanese culture like only two guys who get most of their knowledge about Japanese culture from anime and videogames can.  Also why First Person Shooters suck.

(24:40) And Why RPGs are awesome.

(25:57) Video Games are…. Fantasies?

(26:30) What makes a genre?

(27:55) The “Are games art?” thing.  Because we haven’t been sufficiently pretentious the episode.

(30:00) We talk about Doctor Who for a bit.  This episode was about Sonic Screwdrivers or something right?

Next Week, Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo.  We’ll see if we manage to talk about it instead of everything else.,,,
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