Episode 203: Kirby's Dream Course

Answering the age old question "what if we put our ball-like character into a situation where his ball-ness is a useful feature", this week's game is a unique twist on minigolf.  As Kirby mysterious maneuvers himself around the world, discover a host of small mechanics that eventually interlock into some truly bizarre courses.  Just kill all your golf-foes in the correct order, and save... Dreamland?  Your putting average?

A hole-in-one here requires a trickshot off the download.

Show Notes

(03:00) Tyler is playing Splatoon again.

(03:30) TSM still employs both Leffin and ZERO, though ZERO has been less dominant in recent years than Geremy implies.

(06:00) Zach has been playing League of Legends, because it is a time of year.

(14:00) Geremy has been playing Dokkan Battle and that alone!  World Tournament shenanigans abound.

(17:00) The assignment!?  Already!?  It's Kirby’s Dream Course!

(32:00) Speed Ranking!

Next time on Last Time, Resident Evil!

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Episode 164: He Shoots-- [Soccer]

Despite being the world's most popular sport (followed by cricket?!), there are surprisingly few soccer games.  What can be a better starting place than one that gets right to the point and says it like it is?  Dribbling on a square grid and controlling two players on defense at once can't be that bad, right?

Offside your way to a download.

Show Notes

(01:00) Vuves.

(02:00) Yeah, not really any new ships.

(08:00) 7 days to lol.

(13:40)  Lucha chickens.

(16:00) Wrestle with speed!  Still not as fast as the current record holder, though.  A number of glitches have popped up, apparently.

(22:00) Savage Resurrection really underwhelms.

(24:00) Who doesn't like hitting things with swords?

(34:30) Time travel!

(38:00) Button woes and blocks.

(45:00) Does this game make the goal?

Next time on Last Time, Paper Mario!

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Episode 162: Peasantly Plum [Mario Gold]

What does a lowly serf have to do in the Mushroom Kingdom to earn some prestige?  Why, participate in the Mario Open, of course!  As it turns out, Mario used to be a pretty good golfer when he was a baby.  Pick, and choose, the best club for a Nice On! and compete against such notable Mario golfers as Frank and Gene Yuss.  Putter on over to the nearest course and rough it up!

Hole in download!

Show Notes

(02:30) This movie is as stupid as it sounds.

(07:00) MGO is just silly.

(10:00) Pixelmon's looking really good.

(15:00) Barbarians!

(20:00) Oh, Yo-Kai.  It does look pretty Pokemon.

(21:00) Squall vs. Cloud: Angst Fight!

(24:00) 605 km, or 376 miles, for Dragonite from Dratini.

(27:00) Can you run into other people?

(30:00) On the list of characters, Charlie was apparently the real name of Larry.

(41:00) Ranked under par.

Next time on Last Time, Rondo of Blood!

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Episode 153: Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! [Golf]

Never before have we seen Mario engaging in such intense action!  Carefully choosing clubs!  Lining up shots!  Keeping those shoulders straight!  Obviously, he was practicing way before inviting everyone else to play with him so that he would have a competitive advantage.  This is one of the earliest golf games, and it even includes dubiously effective wind!

Double tap right before the download to make the green.

Next time on Last Time, Dragon Quest!

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Episode 146: [Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD]

Time to do some sick tricks and catch some gnar!  Come with us as we follow one skating celebrity and a bunch of people that no one outside of the community has ever heard of (and a mystical bum!) on a journey to... collect stuff around places that are oddly devoid of life.  Now that I think on it, does this game take place in a dystopian future where you're so bored without human contact that you contrive a ton of ridiculously complicated skating scenarios for yourself?  Probably not.  Also, we played Overwatch this week; can you tell?

Madonna, Benihana, it's Impossible to download.

Show Notes

(00:45) Yeah, that was pretty 90s.

(04:00) Turrets still suck, but at least the AI will help you up now.

(06:00) Why is the original always the best?

(11:30) Xenoverse does have amusing cutscenes, so that's something, I guess.

(16:30) ICE WALLS!

(18:00) Reinhardt and Mercy.

(20:30) Overwatch shenanigans.  It's pretty polished.  Unlike some other games?

(25:40) This Reaper skin.

(29:15) Apparently only 150 hours; must be a casual.

(31:45) Yes, Nintendo, that was a joke.

(34:30) Even the theme reminds of Lupin.

(38:00) The Lupin III board game has instructions in both English and Italian; just the pieces are Italian.

(40:00) Luffy bounces but he don't fall down!  Bones are seriously overrated anyway.

(51:30) 720 rank grind!

(56:45) Settling the score.

Next time on Last Time, Super Mario Land 2!

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Episode 130: *garbled noise (Get the Pass)* [Blades of Steel]

Wayne Gretzky would be proud. Or maybe not, but there's a lot of punching and also some hockey. Skate into the new year with us as we tackle another NES sports title that's not ball-themed.

Hat trick!

Show Notes

(06:45) And Larry.

(08:30) Man, Point Break.  That sure was a movie that needed a remake.  Awesome main character name, though.

(14:15) Brief discussion of "good enough" games.

(16:30) 7DTD.  The new update's great.  If you're interested, the server's at on the standard port.  Ask someone who's on to invite you to an Axon chat room.

(30:45) Blades of Mythril!  Hector continues to be the best hockey player.

(34:00) Punch out.

(40:45) Chairzard, go!

(41:30) Rankin'.

Next time on Last Time, Super Mario World!

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Episode 123: Snowbroding [1080° Snowboarding]

Sick tricks pick up the chicks, brodawg! Even if that's not your preference; if that's the case, avoid doing tricks, I guess? Get ready for intense downhill racing, oddly specific landing timing, and a mechanic that really makes more sense in F-Zero than it does here. I suppose breaking your leg would usually end a snowboard race, though. At any rate, this game lives fondly in the memories of people who had N64s as kids, so let's see how it holds up!

Indie noseload!

Show Notes

(02:30) Alex and Tyler did an escape room.  It was fun!

(18:00) JRPG combat mechanic tweaks.

(22:00) Battletech Kickstarter!

(25:00) Geremy's thoughts on Persona 3's last segment.

(30:00) 1080 degrees of spinning!  Also, you can die n' stuff while snowboard which kinda sucks.

(37:00) This game's hook is tricks.  They're surprisingly lame.

(41:00) Some analysis of this game's impact and final thoughts.

(44:00) Ranking this game!

Next time on Last Time, Ristar!

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Episode 112: Wasting Time With A Brick [Alleyway and Baseball (GB)]

Like the games this week themselves, discussion about them is fairly brief.  Instead, we talk about epic boss battles, Fire Emblem, and (gasp) League.  There's plenty of amusement to be had regardless, so join us on a magical adventure of whimsy!  And grayscale.

New game: Baseball, but you have to break through the blocks at the end of the park to actually score a homerun.

Show Notes

(05:30) Sacred Stone(r)s!

(18:00) Boss fights‽

(28:00) Baseball.  It feels like we've talked about this before.

(30:00) Alleyway may be a Breakout clone, but it's better than the original.  It lacks good music during the levels, though.

(39:45) Something's... rank in here.   Maybe some Fallout from dinner?  I... can't work Mario Tennis into a sentence, but it might be smelly.  Ending the list this week is Bonk's Adventure.

Next time on Last Time, StarTropics!  Yo, yo!

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Episode 93: Junk Shot [Mario Tennis]

Amazing Power Serve!  Spike Return!  Spinning Backhand!  Sadly, Peach doesn't yell out tennis attack names in this game, but it's still pretty amusing; you can substitute your own names and annoy your friends with them anyway.  Join us and find out how to volley!

Our download is currently ahead, 40-love.

Show Notes

(06:20) Ultimate Marvel is finally dying.

(10:30) Future Tactics is pretty cool.

(17:00) League tales.

(28:00) DBZ Tennis!  Mario Tennis sadly lack some of the zaniness other Mario sports games like.  Also, just listen to Waluigi's voice.

(39:00) Geremy's experience with the Rift.

Next time on Last Time, Bonk's Adventure!

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Episode 90: I Dunno, That Peanut/Popcorn Mix [Baseball]

Remember that time we played Bases Loaded?  Good times!  Turns out there were roughly 20 baseball games for the NES, and this was the first!  Join us as we play Baseball the baseball game about baseball, which mostly involves timing a hit and watching the worst fielders ever fumble for a catch.

Our download is the mercy rule.

Show Notes

(01:00) The great Poppycock vs. Cracker Jack debate.

(02:00) Potato burgers!

(03:30) Soylent, the "edible" powder!

(12:30) Insurgency is a customizable class based shooter developed by a handful of people compared to Modern Warfare 2's 2009 release.

(16:00) A discussion about the ending of The Walking Dead (the game, not the show... or the comic... who do you think we are?!).

(28:00) Rogue Legacy and the problem of difficulty balance.  Boss remixes!

(30:30) Hyrule Warriors time!  Also, for those who don't know Fist of the North Star...

(38:00) Baseball, the game where the batter always wins.

Next time on Last Time, King's Knight!

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Episode 42: Excessive Celebration [Tecmo Bowl]

High fives, and no play clocks!  Also, only 4 plays for each side, so it's super simple.  Touchdown!

Make a forward play for the download!

(02:20) Dude, bro!  Jason's on the show with us!

(04:20) C'mon and grab your friends.  Also, we talk briefly about some terrible games.

(07:30) Zach and Tyler relay the epic story of building Zach's computer.

(08:00) Pluggin' the fantasy league again!

(10:30) A processor that's designed to run around 60 C running at about 100C seemed to be our problem.

(12:00) Zach's current power setup.  Also, a discussion of current problems with our power systems.

(14:30) Meddling kids...  Time compression!

(16:00) Podcast topic, I choose you!

(17:00) More self-reference.

(20:00) We challenge Tyler's gamer cred.

(24:00) An absurd conversation about a universe where the names of plays in sports are sponsored.

(24:50) Gankorade, now in delicious Gun!

(29:00) Best high five ever.  Also... the half time show.  I wish it at least had this music.

(31:30) Gameplay choices!

(38:00) Indianapolis Narwhals!  Also, our final thoughts.

(43:00) Weird forms of DRM.

Next time on Last Time, Duck Tales Remastered!

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Episode 38: Punching Stuff [Punch-Out!!]

Left, Right, Duck, Uppercut!  You can only do a handful of things in this game, and it's not nearly that dramatic, but it's still fairly entertaining.  Join us in knocking out King Hippo and enjoying some sweet training montages.  Adrian!

There's a pattern to this download... Deck it!

Next time on Last Time, it's Uncharted Waters!

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Episode 22: Cruel or Funny? [Super Dodge Ball]

The 80s.  This was the time of men in short shorts on professional sports teams.  It was a time when a man could throw his balls at another man, and no one cared.  Except certain channels of ESPN.  If you can dodge popular culture, you can dodge this joke!

Bet you can't dodge this download!

(02:20) For your petard oriented edification.

(04:40) What we've been up to.  Geremy has an awesome story later, but Tyler's been on some Diddy Kong Racing.

(08:10) Tyler was wrong about the platform, but Conker's been around for a whileSexual dimorphism, by the way, is the tendency for genders in a single species to be physically dissimilar. 

(11:50) Geremy had a sweet Dwarf Fortress tale. This is the tutorial Geremey used to learn Dwarf Fortress. It's a little out of date, but it'll teach you the basics.

(23:40) What makes for awesome game titles? We don't know, but we talk about it.  Fuse is a 4 person co-op shooter thing.  Similar to Brute Force in that respect. 

(28:10) Super Dodge Ball is a game about men and their balls. Seriously, everyone's seen this, right?

(29:20) Cruelty, and therefore dodgeball, is inherently funny.  Michael grokked that.

(30:40) Seriously, Hamlet as a geek makes so much sense.

(31:15) If you want to see how this game plays, check this out.  It's pretty much perfect.

(34:40) That thing in London? Westminster Abbey.

(40:28) Double Dragon was incredibly hard to jump in.

(43:30) Final thoughts and suggestions for improvement.

Next week, it's the all-start slugfest that reached amazing levels of fanaticism.  It's Super Smash Brothers!

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Episode 20: Go Big or Respawn [Bases Loaded]

Take us out to the ball game!  Take us out to the crowd with no animation!  Buy us some surprisingly complex pitching mechanisms and horrible batting.  We don't care if we ever come back!  Bases Loaded is the NES classic about hitting balls with sticks.

It's a home run! Take your walk to the download!

(1:10) Zach's finally made it to SC2 Silver League.  Geremy's playing everything.  This includes Word Realms.  It sounds pretty cool. 

(10:45) Sports games!  NFL Blitz is pretty fun, as is NBA Jam.

(15:00) Control schemes!

(19:00) Totally a Dreamcast.

(22:00) Man of Steel!  Kind of a specific marketing campaign.

(25:35) Bases Loaded.  It simulates baseball!  Fielding needs an active player indicator.  Apparently, newer baseball games are better.

(34:00) Final impressions of the game.  It's... not super fun.  Or regular fun, really.

(38:50) Tangent time!  Megatokyo is a pretty decent and incredibly long running story based web comic.  Watch the train go!

(40:00) Simulation and how much is necessary.  Dwarf Fortress is a thing.  Missteps in GTA.

Next week, Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the SNES. Grab your movie supplies for undead bashing!

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