Episode 196: Why Do You Keep Hitting Yourself? [Final Fantasy 2]

Finally, the ultimate entry in an unfortunately truncated series!  Oh, nevermind.  There are apparently, like, 20 more of these floating about.  Oh, well.  Join a team of beleaguered youths fighting against a dystopian empire in order to save their ragtag rebellion, which is conveniently based out of well-known and well-funded country of sympathizers.  This time, your stats are directly affected by your actions, so that sets it apart a bit from other entries in the series.  Grinding has rarely been so entertaining!

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Show Notes

(01:00) A tangent about other FF games.

(09:45) Talking about the difficulty (or lack thereof) in Pokémon games.

(14:30) Gunpoint is witty, intriguing, and challenging.

(16:45) "Tactical Stealth Operations"

(24:30) Monado boiz

(25:30) Brave Exvius is apparently the mobile FF game.  Also, DO NOT play the phone port of FFII.  It's garbage, and whoever ported it should feel bad.

(29:00) For the spoonily lacking.

(30:00) We spend a bit going over the GBA/NES differences, such as how stats are not inversely tied to each other in newer versions.

(38:00) Gordon.  Also, teaching Tyler the true meaning of shanghai.  More ProZD surprisingly relevant to Leila.

(49:00) Did this game get hit in the face enough to achieve max rank?

(56:30) None of Geremy's assessments about Secret Command are accurate.  Run!

Next time on Last Time, Secret Command!

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