Star Wars

Episode 223: Star Wars Shadows of the Empire

Ah the 90s. A time of good old fashion fun, baggy jeans, pouches, extreme sports, and for some reason, people not being sure whether or not Star Wars can make money. Spoilers. It can. It can make so much money. Even on the Nintendo 64, long before the Solo film, there were the adventures of Dash Rendar. These are his stories.

Episode 228: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Everyone's favorite Doom-guy clone is back, and snarkier than ever. This time, though, Kyle Katarn is a mercenary teacher, and under his tutelage: You! Take on the role of grumpy Jaden, and explore labyrinthine and often disconnected levels in your attempt to stamp out some cultists. On the bright side, you get to do some sweet lightsaber stuff, and use both sides of the force. Plus, a large pile of guns is at your disposal. Make it to the end of each level by murdering everything in your path. It's the Jedi way!

Episode 206: Super Return of the Jedi

There's not a whole lot "super" about this game, but that, combined with "star", is the adjective that it gets.  Join us as we put to rest an epic trilogy, as Luke, Leia, and Chewie flail their way through an attempt to recreate the movie.  Also, space pterodactyls!

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Show Notes

(02:15) Special Guest Kevin’s been playing Total War: Warhammer II!  It is indeed 2, with roman numerals even!

(05:30) He’s also been playing

The Surge

even though he’s never played even one Dark Soul.

(09:15) Zach finished Xenoverse 2!  The other 3 members of the Podcast recommend you watch

Team Four Star play it


(11:45) Zach is also stuck in both Dark Souls 3 and Cuphead.

(24:00) You got your

sexy Halloween costumes in my Lord of the Rings


(37:00) Tyler’s been playing Hyper Light Drifter!  It's hyper hard and

hyper trippy


(40:00) The Assignment, Return to the Store For a Full Refun… I mean, Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi


Ranking Dumpster Fires


Next time on Last Time,

Diablo II


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Episode 128: A Long Time Ago On the XBox [Knights of the Old Republic]

Journey back to a galaxy far, far away, and even further back in time than normal. Here, we can find the Jedi derping about as usual, and the Sith (who are apparently a whole species) just stepping in to muck things up. Will our plucky hero and their band of misfits be able to stop the impending Sith invasion? At least the lightsaber noises are cool.

You can craft a purple download here.

Next time on Last Time, Metal Slug!

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Episode 116: This Deal Gets Worse All the Time [Super Empire Strikes Back]

I prefer the Imperial Waltz to the march, but I don't think anyone's going to be dancing to this game's tune.  Now featuring voice clips of questionable quality, Luke returns to... spin jump a lot.  Also, Hoth is a festering death pit, which makes sense.  Why else would the Rebellion have settled there?

Down or down-not.  There is no upload.

Show Notes

(02:45) Deadpool's trailer for his trailer is better than the actual trailer.

(05:00) Dr. McNinja is going away.  Sad to see such sweet character design go away.  In summary, go read Atomic Robo.

(18:00) Boss fights in Doom 3.

(25:00) Unicorns are real!  Also psychos.

(37:30) Tauntauns of fun!  This game is riddled with just atrocious level and enemy design.

(53:00) Ti-ti-ti-titenic!

(54:30) Rank this! Everyone's going to be angry at our ranking of Half-Life.  No one, however, will be disappointed with our placement of Fighting Street.  That's alright, though, since everyone can get angry about Monkey Island.

Next time on Last Time, Donkey Kong Country!

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Episode 96: Doom Song... Oh, Wait, Star Wars [Star Wars: Dark Forces]

This week, Star Wars!  Surprisingly, no Bothans died for the Death Star plans in this.  We talk a lot about what's now officially "Star Wars" since the Disney acquisition, which inevitably leads to Gundam, because space.  Also, blaster rifles!

Time for some fancy downloading!

Show Notes

(01:30) Man, John Williams has done everything.  Also, awakenings!

(03:00) Spoilers for Citizen Kane.  Yup.

(05:00) So, Affected.

(06:30) Microsoft's "not an Oculus" (working name).  Related: PS3 design decisions.

(15:00) The Galaxy Gun!

(16:30) Screencheat?

(20:30) Minovsky Particles have their own trope page.

(26:00) Doom Wars!

(27:00) Big Star Wars fans have way too much time.

(38:00) This game sounds so interesting; if only it was playable.  Tutorials continue to be a thing older games kinda needed.

Next time on Last Time, Star Soldier!  Giant space face!

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Episode 35: Did Anyone Actually Watch This Movie? [Super Star Wars]

Back to form this week with a game Tyler's been pushing for a while.  Apparently LucasArts made games for each of the movies in the nerd-beloved franchise, closely following the movies.  Like that one scene where Luke fights a Sarlac after wandering through a scorpion-infested desert with a blaster.

It's away! ...  Nevermind, it just downloaded on the surface.

(00:45) Bad impressions.  Wind Waker is still awesome.  Don't support this company by clicking this link.  Adventure modes are sweet, though.  Also, we talk about less crappy online pay models.

(09:30)  Zach's been playing Pokemon.  It's awesome.  Also, Gundam!

(15:00) Eldritch looks awesome.

(16:45) Favorite and least favorite licensed games.  Yu Yu Hakusho is a good show, but this is a bad game.  Arkham Asylum is awesome.  Play it.  Endless Duel! Gihren's Greed is apparently amazing, too.  Moonwalker...

(24:00) Super Star Wars should have been good.  Watch Luke run.  This game has some control issues.

(28:00) Arbitrary difficulty.  Sometimes it's fun, though.  Also, edification time!

(34:00) Only the most American characters in a franchise can do this.

Next time, it's Altered Beast!

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