Episode 113: Let's Go on Vacation! [StarTropics]

Follow us on a magical seafaring adventure!  Sadly, it's not Wind Waker.  Mike, hero of Americola, has come to rescue his uncle based on information from a weird pack-in letter that came with the game!  Using his mighty weapon, he will conquer the undead - for some reason? - and save his uncle from aliens!

Use the download to beat your enemies like a yo-yo, yo!

Show Notes

(01:10) Mega Man, shootin' lemons.

(01:30) Kira "Jesus" Yamato.

(12:00) Bad strategy: the game!

(18:00) I was going to post something about Allenby, but here's the Burning Finger Speech instead.

(20:45) Crazy Dishonored shenanigans.

(21:40) The StarTropics overview.  No game is an island?

(29:45) Mike is a robot!  Jumping and general maneuvering.

(34:30) The bullshit ghost village dungeon and its relation to IWBTG.  We further discuss some resource problems this game has.  At least you can save the game.

(40:00) The negative feedback yo-yo.  Enemies are actually pretty good, though.

(43:00) Rankings, yo-yo.  Finishing first, Super Mario Kart.  Taking the silver is Star Wars: Dark Forces.  A solid bronze: Star Soldier.

Next time on Last Time, Alien Storm!

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