Street Fighter

Episode 106: Maximum Appreciation [Fighting Street]

Show us your fighting spirit!  This week we discuss a game that hasn't yet been cloned by its original creators in an independent development effort, now with 20% fewer shoryukens!

QCF, QCF, download!

Show Notes

(03:15) Should really be the Nappa Force.

(06:45) Geremy gives his (apparently uncommon) problems on Chroma Squad.

(17:45) Yooka-Laylee!

(20:00) Konami woes.

(28:30) Quicksilver, the first anthology of the Baroque Cycle, is pretty sweet.

(31:30) Fighting Street!  Such game!

(42:30) Rankings, brodawg!  Renegade for life provides the Ignition Factor to engage in some Elevator Action.

Next time on Last Time, The Secret of Monkey Island!  I don't see anything strange about it.

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Episode 66: Round Two! What Happened to Round One? Fight! [Street Fighter II]

The classic that brought popularity to a genre, now, with faster hadouken movement! Watch in amazement as a single combo will do over half your health, while you're just trying to dragon punch someone. Will Street Fighter survive this final fight?


(01:30) Now the FTL podcast.  I don't think anyone can really complain.

(08:30) The Doop drop technique.  We'll post a video of that sometime.

(09:45) Geremy's been having horrible luck with league this week.

(13:45) Gratuitous Space Battles is pretty neat and you should at least check it out.

(15:45) Our first fighting games.

(18:00) The original Street Fighter doesn't look nearly as bad as I expected.

(22:00) 3D vs. 2D and the problem of positioning.  Whether simplicity is better in this case.

(26:20) Parry is great.  This parry is greatest.

(36:00) That thing we were talking about with Wolverine.

Next Time on Last Time, Hydro Thunder!

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