Streets of Rage

Episode 57: The Raaage of the Streets! [Streets of Rage]

Like all good government employees in videogame worlds, when the streets are nothing but death and crime, they quit their day jobs and take vigilante justice to the streets.  Unfortunately, they left their weapons at home, even though the backup is apparently authorized to use napalm bazookas.  Let's fight it out!

You only get one download per life.  Thankfully, you usually respawn once a day.

(00:45) We may have collectively been watching a lot of anime recently.

(06:00) Because we don't have enough cheesecake.

(07:30) The origins of Thor!

(11:00) Arguments: invalidated.

(12:30) All the things!

(17:50) Speaking of multiplayer only games.

(21:30) Batman's musical endeavors.

(23:30) While trying to find news about actual AoT games, I found this.  It's good.  Play it.

(25:30) Game design: make every 10 seconds enjoyable.

(26:00) Geremy laments ACIV

(29:00) Try typing zerg rush into Google.

(33:30) As it happens, Streets of Rage is a brawler.  You can move in a vaguely 3D plane, hit people, throw people, and be hit by people.  Also, TARDIS turkey!

(40:00) The biggest brawler sin: lack of character advancement.

Next time on Last Time, Vigilante 8!

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