Episode 34: Future Ninjas Are Boring [Strider]

A lone ninja fighting through a dystopian neo-Russia against hordes of robotic minions and sweet airships sounds cool, right?  Right?

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(01:00) Symphonic bliss. Terraria party! Geremy’s in Silver-3 in LoL, because we need more Fantasy Football comparisons.

(02:30) Possibly the best intro song ever. Meteos doesn't look as anime as I thought he would.

(04:30) Scribblenauts is now heroic.

(08:00) Everyone has an evil clone.

(10:45) Rune Factory 4 has a rating of 97/100 on IGN after 44 ratings right now.

(14:15) We really need that Genesis game checklist Geremy keeps mentioning.  Not a plug.  That conveniently ties in with our talk about feedback in games, though.

(19:00) Upgrades... this game has them, I guess.

(20:30) You'll hear a lot of the sword noise.  Also, the Genesis version looks so much better than the Master System.

(23:00)This game is a quarter sucker!  It also has awesome concepts, though.

(28:30) The sequels look awesome. We talk about horror games for a bit.  Relevant to that last link since Tyler always rants about it.

(32:00) Mutant League is awesome.

(33:15) We ran out of stuff to say about Strider, so we talk about the games/genres we would like to see more life injected into.

Next time on Last Time, it's Super Star Wars!  Grab it on the VC if you want to play along!

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