Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Episode 262: Earthbound

Life is strange. One day you’re just a normal kid, going to school, and the next, you’re the chosen one using your psychic powers to defeat an unknowable Lovecraftian being with friends you never met while your annoying neighbor kid is stealing your helicopter. And before you know it, you’re a robot fighting bionic krakens just to get a cool baseball bat. And then you’re listening to a podcast about Earthbound.

Episode 248: Super Earth Defense Force

War. War never changes. You’re always just flying around in your single aircraft, you against an entire invading enemy force. Maybe they’re aliens? They’re probably aliens. Your only allies are two little drones by your side. Not even an imperiled frog or cocky falcon to get your back. Its just you against all of space, in Super Earth Defense Force.

Episode 243: Brawl Brothers

Sometimes, you can’t settle things with words. Sometimes, things get to the point that nothing can solve your differences with your rivals other than a good old fashioned brawl. And if you’re going to be fighting anyway, you might as well dress up as M. Bison right? Gives you the psychological edge, even if it doesn’t give you the psycho power.

Episode 234: Yoshi's Island

Oh no!  Baby Mario has fallen from his stork, and can't get up!  It's up to a team of egg throwing dinosaurs to escort this fresh human right out of his own egg back home!  But the evil forces of Magikoopa and Baby Bowser stand in their way.  Not to mention a raven on the moon!  Can our dinosaur friends get Mario home safely?  Or will Luigi have to become the hero we deserve?  Listen and find out!

Episode 208: Aero the Acro-bat


There are certainly worse tales to be based on a circus environment.  This game has no tragic backstories to speak of, but there are some evil clowns.  The more we've talked about this game, the more tenuous connections we've made to Batman.  At any rate, follow a competent circus performer as he performs... in the circus.  I suppose there's also the part where he fights off hordes of evil clowns while an audience watches, but, really, that's just the price of admission.

Episode 206: Super Return of the Jedi

There's not a whole lot "super" about this game, but that, combined with "star", is the adjective that it gets.  Join us as we put to rest an epic trilogy, as Luke, Leia, and Chewie flail their way through an attempt to recreate the movie.  Also, space pterodactyls!

You've turned off your downloading computer


Show Notes

(02:15) Special Guest Kevin’s been playing Total War: Warhammer II!  It is indeed 2, with roman numerals even!

(05:30) He’s also been playing

The Surge

even though he’s never played even one Dark Soul.

(09:15) Zach finished Xenoverse 2!  The other 3 members of the Podcast recommend you watch

Team Four Star play it


(11:45) Zach is also stuck in both Dark Souls 3 and Cuphead.

(24:00) You got your

sexy Halloween costumes in my Lord of the Rings


(37:00) Tyler’s been playing Hyper Light Drifter!  It's hyper hard and

hyper trippy


(40:00) The Assignment, Return to the Store For a Full Refun… I mean, Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi


Ranking Dumpster Fires


Next time on Last Time,

Diablo II


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Episode 203: Kirby's Dream Course

Answering the age old question "what if we put our ball-like character into a situation where his ball-ness is a useful feature", this week's game is a unique twist on minigolf.  As Kirby mysterious maneuvers himself around the world, discover a host of small mechanics that eventually interlock into some truly bizarre courses.  Just kill all your golf-foes in the correct order, and save... Dreamland?  Your putting average?

A hole-in-one here requires a trickshot off the download.

Show Notes

(03:00) Tyler is playing Splatoon again.

(03:30) TSM still employs both Leffin and ZERO, though ZERO has been less dominant in recent years than Geremy implies.

(06:00) Zach has been playing League of Legends, because it is a time of year.

(14:00) Geremy has been playing Dokkan Battle and that alone!  World Tournament shenanigans abound.

(17:00) The assignment!?  Already!?  It's Kirby’s Dream Course!

(32:00) Speed Ranking!

Next time on Last Time, Resident Evil!

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Episode 202: Castlevania Dracula X

The last game of our remake-themed month, this one's... special.  Once again, Ryu Anime Belmont dons his dramatic gloves and whip and sets out to save the inexplicably ninja Maria, who refuses to help him this time.  This is, really, a wholly different game than Rondo of Blood, but does it hold up on its own?

Whip right to that download.

Show Notes

(03:00) BIRDEMIC.

(04:00) With feathers.

(10:00) I'll be the one to say it... this looks like it belongs in G Gundam.  Unrelated: I want a Let's Play of Zach doing Cuphead.

(17:00) Zach's also been delving into Papers Please, as recommended by Yahtzee.

(21:00) Some preliminary thoughts on Dead by Daylight.

(26:00) Talking a bit about our experience with SkyFactory.

(31:00) Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor.  It's a weird... life/chore simulator?  Highly recommended for an odd experience if it's on sale.

(38:30) We talked about a lot of interesting games on this episode, but if I can only recommend one, it has to be Clandestine.

(47:00) Finally getting around to Dracula X.

(59:45) Rankings of Blood... X!

Next time on Last Time, Kirby's Dream Course!

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Episode 182: Kremkoin For Your Thoughts? [Donkey Kong Country 2]

More fun than an armed gorilla movement!  Diddy, the chimpanzee, must rescue his best bud from the evil K. Rool's clutches, and restore the traditional heir of the island to his banana throne.  With the help of Dixie, Diddy's mutant girlfriend, they'll wade their way through the reptile armies and surprisingly visually diverse landscapes.  Monkey joke!

More fun than a barrel full of bits!

Show Notes

(03:30) How is this a warrior?

(06:45) Spoiler for Zestiria, a game you're not likely to play.

(15:00) HELLDIVE!

(18:00) Pepsi rangers.  Some spoilers for Power Rangers (the new movie) ending around 21:30 if you're worried.

(25:40) Yes, there was a Battletech cartoon.  Yes, it looks awful.  So does the DnD cartoon.  Wake up, Kid Icarus!

(28:50) More DnD stories in case anyone wants them.

(33:30) Because we're terrible 90s kids, the song we can't remember is All The Small Things.

(35:30) Monkey business.

(37:00) New fan theory: K. Rool is funded by the Mushroom Kingdom.

(42:00) "Tightness"

(43:00) Unsurprisingly, wire frames were used for the base character models.  Still cannot find a video of this ever happening to anyone else, though.

(45:00) To clarify, DK Coins, while objectively cooler, only increase the rank Cranky gives you.  Kremkoins let you access the bonus levels.

(46:30) K-rank-y Kong.

Next time on Last Time, Mario Kart 64!

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Episode 181: Cool Guy Pose [Contra III: The Alien Wars]

When the situation is bad, it's time to get rad!  When you need revenge, you should attack aggressively, which is exactly what not-Jimmy and not-Bimmy intend to do on their testosterone fueled rampage against their alien bureaucrats.  Avoid timed obstacles, fight almost-3D bosses, and generally be a bad enough dude to survive!

Double laser download!

Show Notes (Notes for the show!)

(01:55) Spoilers for Logan if you haven’t seen it and care about those.

(03:00) Tyler is talking about the opening cinematic for DCU Online

(04:00) Tyler’s still playing Tales of Zestiria.  It's a Sorey Storey.

(14:00) Fuel is the game Geremy was trying to think of.

(17:30) Prolific Voice Actor Stephen Blum

(20:30) Apparently the rights to Megas XLR were used in some sort of tax writeoff and a revival isn’t a thing that can happen.

(26:30) Top Down levels!

(32:20) Contra III: The Alien Rankings

Next time on Last Time, Donkey Kong Country 2!

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Episode 177: Battleship, In Space! [Metal Marines]

Nothing says "thrilling mech warfare" like building a single, non-reusable launch pad for a mech, then mostly letting it sit there while you pepper your opponent with missiles.  That said, upgrading to a shiny golden form is definitely on the thrilling side of the spectrum, so it might balance out in the end.  Join us in our fight to stop a vague villainous threat from being menacing in our general direction, and see whether our AA screen is tight enough.

Missile straight to the download!

Show Notes

(07:30) I was trying to find a good video on Pokéball seals, but the first video was terrible, and the quality just got worse, so have a video about awful balls.

(14:30) It's a cooking fun time.

(18:00) Heroes of flame symbols.

(24:00) Orca looks much scarier than I had imagined.

(29:00) I love the swinginess of this game, but the art on some of these cards...

(32:30) Kado.

(40:00) No, no one wants to be your mommy.  Unlike poor Cubone, and its horrible fate revealed in the Sun entry.

(42:00) MARINES!  They do not get upgraded to level 2.

Next time on Last Time, Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars!

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Episode 170: Floating Heads [Mega Man X2]

Fighting robots are cool and more of them must be cooler, right?  The Maverick Hunter is back again to take on some... interesting bosses.  Sponges have always been pretty menacing.  Those spiky whips are definitely dangerous, and it looks like an ostrich learned some sweet moves, so that's probably challenging.  Also, there are speeder bikes and even more holding Y to charge your laser.

Grapple sponges snag sweet downloads.

Show Notes

(02:30) Sun Kitty!

(05:30) Look at this railgun rock's majestic beard.

(08:45) Pew!

(09:00) Malasadas and emo kids.

(13:00) Branching paths in Red and Blue.

(16:00) Complaining about Sun and Moon design decisions.  At least there are sweet mullets.

(28:00) Going over our teams.  Also, nami () means wave, for the curious.

(32:00) Mimikyu is surprisingly good.

(36:00) Based on the translation of Guzma's honorific to English, which people tell me was spot on.

(38:30) Seriously, Rattata's design sucks.  At least all other variants of it are alright.

(44:00) The height of video games.

(45:00) X2 as a direct sequel to X.

(53:00) For a random sampling of levels, here's an X2 speedrun.

(1:07:00) Mega Man Rank 2!

Next time on Last Time, Fatal Fury!

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Episode 150: Can We Stop Testing Our Might? [Mortal Kombat 2]

In what will become a stunning example of divergent character evolution, we now see a remarkable cast of fighters on display. Such remarkable combatants as red ninja, yellow ninja, green ninja, blue girl, and pink girl. Can anyone withstand the awesome force of Triple Ghost Fireball?

Color swapping gives you new downloads!

Next time on Last Time, StarCraft!

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Episode 139: Phantom Train of the Opera [Final Fantasy 6]

Rivaling our list of SNES classics enters another great contender. Complete with drama, 2D fighting inputs, and a huge cast, this game is sure to rock the (air) boat. Just don't forget to let Cid fix ya up.

Best blitz? Download!

Show Notes

(02:00) Need to tie Earthbound to Undertale?  Here's some (potentially lacking) evidence!

(09:30) Finish your tweet.  Many meme.

(11:00) Fire Emblem: Fates didn't quite deliver the complex story telling Zach expected.

(21:00) Game whales!  Opera!  Train suplexing!  Octopi?

(25:00) Not without its flaws: the shambling opening, party configuration, awkward mechanics moments.

(47:00) History lesson about swords.

(1:05:00) How high will it go?

Next time on Last Time, Bayou Billy! A significant downgrade.

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Episode 137: Puffball Fashion Show [Kirby Super Star]

Gluttony never looked so eldritch! Join us on another of the Pink Puff's adventures, conveniently segmented into increasingly difficult chapters. Smack a tree in the face (repeatedly!), race against an anthropomorphic penguin, bring down a giant airship, play Dragon Quest, and punch the planet in half! Also, you should practice your sweet yo-yo skills.

The download had lets you take bytes out of your enemies.

Show Notes

(01:40) Deductive reasoning!  Also, penguin explosion proximity can be a problem.

(05:00) Amazing wigs.

(09:30) Oh, Mr. Bowie.

(22:00) I'd read Batfellow.

(26:00) Kirbys of systems past.

(29:00) Like a mother bird.

(39:30) The ranking hat gives you the power of decimals.

(41:00) Dragon Quest!

Next time on Last Time, King of Fighters '94!

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Episode 131: Dinosaur Slave Ring [Super Mario World]

Tanooki tails are out this year, and capes are definitely in.  Join us as we try to wind our way through the twists and turns of the crazy geography of this game.  The solution to he Forest of Illusion is to just burn it.  Smoke and mirrors is no match for smoke and cinders.  Also, so many dinosaurs!

Press select to dunka the download.

Show Notes

(03:30) Getting your head out of the Clouds.  Those moves Tyler couldn't remember are Finishing Touch and Climhazzard.

(07:20) All the cool kids have Black Bear Magnums, but Luffy's setting the Grizzly trend.

(08:40) Lots of wood.

(09:30) Zach talks about the new Payday heist for the 2015 holiday season.  It's pretty festive.

(15:00) Zach and Geremy talk about the Pokemon tabletop they're playing right now.  Briefly mentioned: humans are Pokemon.

(19:30) The Psychic type answer to Dark.

(25:00) Super Mario World: The Revenge.

(33:00) This game has a lot of secret routes, which are fun to find.  Star Road, in particular, leads to a bunch of crazy bonus levels after you find all the secret paths there.

(39:30) Clown Cars!

(42:00) "It's like dunka dunka dunka."

(44:30) Pretty high on the list, this game might be.

Next time on Last Time, Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire!

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Episode 125: Hallowhip [Super Castlevania IV]

Such potential for spooky, but so much was wasted. Who wants to be a badass Dracula hunter when you could be a cowering horror movie star? I'm seeing a lot of hands... Well, I suppose you're in luck, because we've got a Belmont with whip in hand to go fight some monsters!

Download in all 8 directions!

Show Notes

(02:30) History!  A quick note, though: Napoleon was exiled to Elba, not Sardinia.

(02:45) Some back and forth on Neptunia.

(07:00) Coin Crypt!  It's a Rogue-like with coins!  And surprisingly few crypts!  Ignore the story trailer, though - they completely miss their opportunity to showcase the awesome music.

(13:00) MGS V continues to be great, even if it has some tonal dissonance.

(18:45) Talking about the difficulty curve and mechanics that help (or don't) reinforce it in Castlevania IV.  Specifically, whipping any direction makes the subweapons much less useful and physics-defying jump arcs make the platformer much easier.

(25:00) The worst room in the game.  Too many peanuts.

(32:45) Where does this game fall on our list?

Next time on Last Time, Golden Axe!  Not a structurally sound axe material.

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Episode 118: Dumb Quest For Babies [Final Fantasy Mystic Quest]

The most mystic thing about this game might be how you manage to carry 40 sets of armor and weapons on you without collapsing.  Link does that all the time, though, so I guess it's fine.  Join us to do the most absolutely generic questing because crystals n' stuff.  Also, some archfiends or something?  *yawn*  I'm gonna go throw bombs at the skeleton.

Press 'L' or 'R' to cycle through our downloads.

Show Notes

(43:00) Ranked up!  Age of Empires 2Halo, and Alleyway today.

Next time on Last Time, Castlevania: The Advenure!

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Episode 117: Monkey! [Donkey Kong Country]

Seriously, coconuts hurt.  This game, however, guns for fire them even if some vultures may huck them.  Maybe that's where D.K. got the idea?  At any rate, we're going into no country for old monkeys... mostly because they can't stand the music.  Tag team it up with us as we explore the bizarrely segmented island of banana hoarders' dreams!

K. Rool stole our download hoard!

Show Notes

(10:30) VULKRAISER is a lot like Voltron, but not.  99 Spirits isn't the game Tyler thought it was.

(13:30) Wanna shoot and collect stuff Mega Man style?  Mercenary Kings is great!

(16:30) Apparently Star Citizen is stalling.

(20:00) I wonder who "F" was...

(28:00) A Rare history

(32:30) Going over DKC's strengths and general mechanics.

(46:00) Promotions!  Sim City 2000 is now level 3.  Donkey Kong became a Grand Lord.  The Mario Bros. are now a hydra, though I have no idea what item is necessary for that.

Next time on Last Time, Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest!

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Episode 116: This Deal Gets Worse All the Time [Super Empire Strikes Back]

I prefer the Imperial Waltz to the march, but I don't think anyone's going to be dancing to this game's tune.  Now featuring voice clips of questionable quality, Luke returns to... spin jump a lot.  Also, Hoth is a festering death pit, which makes sense.  Why else would the Rebellion have settled there?

Down or down-not.  There is no upload.

Show Notes

(02:45) Deadpool's trailer for his trailer is better than the actual trailer.

(05:00) Dr. McNinja is going away.  Sad to see such sweet character design go away.  In summary, go read Atomic Robo.

(18:00) Boss fights in Doom 3.

(25:00) Unicorns are real!  Also psychos.

(37:30) Tauntauns of fun!  This game is riddled with just atrocious level and enemy design.

(53:00) Ti-ti-ti-titenic!

(54:30) Rank this! Everyone's going to be angry at our ranking of Half-Life.  No one, however, will be disappointed with our placement of Fighting Street.  That's alright, though, since everyone can get angry about Monkey Island.

Next time on Last Time, Donkey Kong Country!

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