Episode 135: Weaponized Evangelion [Sin And Punishment]

Never before have ruffians been so... rough.  Inhuman, even.  That's, alright, though, because this horrible dystopia featuring livestock (‽) become a hivemind of rampaging monsters, paramilitary groups oppressing the citizens they're protecting from the hordes, and a city literally filling with an ocean of blood is all just a training exercise for our protagonist.  What I've just described, though, sounds like some cross of Silent Hill and Metal Gear, which sounds great.  Do a barrel dodge!

Division of labor: one person downloads, but the other person navigates.

Show Notes

(01:30) Turns out Tyler's Japanese is terrible.

(12:00) Apparently we're not the only ones who like Absol.

(19:30) In case you, too, cannot pronounce Russian names correctly.

(20:00) Controller breakdown.

(26:30) Melee time!

(27:30) Japan, home of impractical weapon ideas.

(30:00) Speaking of blood oceans: I took some time to do some quick math based on the following assumptions: all of Tokyo is covered in blood, and since we can't see any buildings during the fight, that it covers the tallest building.  This results in 2.8e14 humans worth of blood.  Of course, there might be more than blood, so assuming a largish human average size, that's 1.7e13 full humans in Tokyo.  These are both orders of magnitude greater than the population of earth (~7e9.  You're welcome.

(31:00) Battle Cattle meets The Cowboys of Moo Mesa.

(38:00) On the up n' down.

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Episode 10: You Take the High Road, and I'll Shoot the Lasers [Gunstar Heroes]

It's full of lights and sounds and craziness!  Gunstar Heroes is a crazy anime styled action shooter that probably belongs in an arcade box.  This game has gotten a lot of praise for being a forgotten gem for the Genesis.  Is it really worth its weight in cartridges?  (That's one cartridge)

Download for Justice!

(00:30) Alex is here.  Yay!

(1:50) What we've been playing.  Alex watched what Tyler played.  Geremy played the same stuff.  Notice a pattern?  Later we find that he's actually been playing everything ever.

(3:10) Ducktales!  Woo-oo!

(4:50) Naruto: The Subtitles Continue

(6:30) We finally get to the game and break down what's going on here.  We start with the powerup system!

(8:10) Alex explains the excuse plot

(10:20) Life leeching

(12:20) My eyes!  This game has crazy amounts on the screen at a time.

(14:00) Level rundown time

(17:20) Have we mentioned that the optimal strategy is homing laser?  I CONTROL GRAVITY!

(18:45) Curry and Rice

(21:20) Transformers, more annoying than meets the eye

(22:55) Gradius!  Again.  Wait...

(27:00) Style against Depth

(31:15) Nostalgia lens, watching games, and difficulty cliffs for non-gamers.

(38:30) Wrapping up on our thoughts about Gunstar

(41:10) After the credits.  You guys know there's an after the credits?  This one's awesome.

Next week, we tackle Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen.  We have a different guest host, and talk about strategies!

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