Episode 37: Master of English, Hahahahaha! [X-Men]

In a world where people mutate to be able to shoot lasers n' stuff somehow, some of those people are dicks. Some of these dicks also happen to be Master of Magnet! Help us disco laser him, X-Chicken!

Welcome to download!

(01:00) Other X-Men games.  Tyler's got a vanilla Minecraft server up constantly; email him if you want in.  Zach's been playing The Bigs 2, an arcade baseball game, which is way cbetter than Bases Loaded.  We talk about Zelda timelines for a bit, so go watch this thing +Edgar Diamond found.

(08:45) We talk about Mass Effect 2 compared to Bioshock for a bit.

(12:00) Pokemon.  Because of course.

(17:30) Hearthstone.  Their landing page says it all.

(23:00) All the goofy things this game says.  Just... this.  There's also a plot, I think.  Xavier seems to like ranting about it, at least.

(30:00) Mutant powers!  All the bosses monologue, which is just great.

(40:00) Between the Japanese and the American version, the Japanese has powerups and is therefore superior.  As an added bonus, this game is up to 6 players.  It's pretty mediocre aside from the camp, though.

(44:00) Wolverine is headmaster.  That explains the wonderful decisions the students regularly make.

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